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Legendary Crushing Systems

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Work with dealers to generate machine population reports to be used to determine necessary service parts and inventory volume plans.
  • Cooperate with cross-functional Aftermarket teams to create recommend parts lists for all brands and models for dissemination to dealer network.
  • Proactively visit dealers and their customers to find new ways to increase Aftermarket business.
  • Train Dealers on Aftermarket tools and processes (PDI, warranty registration, warranty claims, parts inventory planning, telematics, factory service support etc.)
  • Assist the field sales force with evaluating new potential dealers with specific focus on Aftermarket support capabilities.
  • Evaluate existing dealers and create annual development plans to elevate their support capabilities, while obtaining and/or improving their certified dealer level
  • Creation and management of Aftermarket specific business KPI’s with dealers
  • Train dealers to sell our Aftermarket offering including parts, extended warranty, and telematics etc.
  • Cooperation with cross-functional Aftermarket teams (dealer support, product management, parts, service, training, supply management etc.) to identify and implement new initiatives to improve Dealer support.
  • Take active role in leading and/or supporting Aftermarket Dealer Council meetings and ongoing activities.
  • Promotes the sale of specialty tools, service parts, telematics, and accessories to minimize equipment downtimes and maximize dealer potential.
  • Work with Dealer Support and Supply Management teams to create and implement industry-leading parts programs.
  • Works with cross-functional Aftermarket teams to create and maintain regular reporting on shared and/or individual KPI’s.
  • Generates regular travel reporting and action plans/key take aways, sets timelines for completion of said plans/take aways.
  • Establish effective and efficient travel plans with primary and secondary objectives.
  • Coordinate travel plans with management and the assigned dealer network to ensure the effective execution of the dealer development strategy.
  • Attend trade shows and join associations to represent our brand while keeping in touch with the latest industry-leading Aftermarket support techniques and trends.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

  • Works well as a member of the team.
  • Excellent communication skills required on the phone and communicating by e-mail.
  • Must have a good attitude and be highly motivated.
  • Satisfactory attendance to meet business needs.
  • Manage multiple conflicting priorities in a fast-paced, quality-production environment.
  • Be flexible and available to interact with others of the team.