Aggregate Jaw Crusher 3062 Jaw Crusher Lippmann Jaw Crushers – The Original. Proven since 1923. The Lippmann Jaw Crusher is ideal for stationary, skid-mounted, or portable and mobile primary crushing applications Lippmann-Milwaukee jaw crushers are fabricated with an extra-heavily ribbed steel plate construction to provide maximum strength and durability while in operation. Frames are stress relieved before machining and after welding to ensure the highest quality product. Through finite element analysis, Lippmann engineers have been able to provide jaw crushers with maximum strength at all stress points; promoting trouble-free operation.
3862 Jaw Crusher  Oversized Shaft, Dynamically Balanced Flywheels All Lippmann-Milwaukee heavy-duty jaw crushers feature an oversized, heat treated shaft forged of special alloy to provide an exceptionally large eccentric throw. These heavy-duty shafts are paired with two dynamically balanced flywheels, effectively reducing vibration on both portable and stationary crushers. The overhead eccentric configuration does not rely on gravity alone to move material through the chamber. Rather, the inward and downward movement of the swing jaw provides for a forced-feeding motion to maximize output. All shafts are machined and put through a rigorous inspection process before they enter production.
Eccentric Shaft & Tapered Roller Bearings   Tapered Roller Bearing for Optimized Bearing Life In order to optimize bearing life, only tapered roller bearings are used in Lippmann-Milwaukee jaw crushers. The tapered bearings offer a combination of features that spherical bearings are unable to provide. When considering the adjustable clearance, line contact, true rolling motion and ability to carry both radial and thrust loads, the tapered roller bearing is an obvious choice for all jaw crushers. Lippmann-Milwaukee proudly stocks a large inventory of all bearing sizes.
Automatic Hydraulic Tensioning System  Hydraulic Toggle Reduces Setting Time The automatic hydraulic toggle has greatly reduced the time it takes to change a jaw crusher’s setting. As jaw dies wear, the hydraulic toggle can be easily adjusted to maintain a constant closed side setting while in continuous operation. An added benefit of the Lippmann-Milwaukee hydraulic toggle package is the ability to provide tramp release once an un-crushable has entered the crushing chamber. Nitrogen-powered automatic hydraulic toggles are available on all mid-sized to large model jaw crushers.
Reversable Jaw Dies  Reversible Jaw Dies Lippmann-Milwaukee jaw dies are designed to optimize wear life and crushing efficiency.  Jaw dies are created from special alloy steel and have a series of longitudinal, intermeshing corrugations and a convex longitudinal curvature. The curved nature of the dies is designed to offer a non-choking crushing scenario. A defining feature of all Lippmann jaw crushers is that both jaw dies and extensions are reversible. This allows them to be turned end-over-end presenting new crushing surfaces in zones that experience the greatest amount of wear. All Lippmann jaw crushers are designed with an emphasis on longer jaw die lengths than its competitors; resulting in an increased crushing area, steeper nip angle, and increased capacity.
Oil Circulating System  Oil-Bath Lubrication System Bearings on Lippmann-Milwaukee jaw crushers are lubricated by an oil-bath system in the jaw barrel and frame housings. Since speed, pressure, and heat are all factors to be considered during the jaw’s design stage, Lippmann engineers have chosen an oil-based design over a grease-based. The oil-splash configuration provides many distinct advantages over grease, a fact that is recognized by most bearing manufacturers.An optional continuous flow oil circulating system can also be purchased to reduce the frequency of oil level checks. This re-circulating system will relieve operators from flushing the oil from the bearing system; normally occurring every 200 hours of operation. The Lippmann-Milwaukee Auto-lube system also reduces operating temperatures while filtering the oil, thereby increasing the life of the bearings and reducing downtime. The unit is accompanied by an emersion heater which reduces startup time when operating in cold weather. Auto-lube packages can be provided on virtually any Lippmann-Milwaukee jaw crusher, and comes standard on larger model crushers.
Massive 5062 Jaw Crusher  Lippmann Large Model Heavy-Duty Jaw Crushers When you need a truly massive jaw, Lippmann’s range of large model jaws includes a 5062, 4248, 3650, and 3048 to suit your particular heavy-duty, high volume crushing application. These jaws offer maximum capacity, and are heavier, stronger, and more reliable than competitive jaws. Hydraulics save countless hours. Tension rod air springs maintain pre-set loading regardless of setting, so you can adjust under load. Wedge effect holds toggle bearing in on pitman and block for easy bolt-in removal and replacement.
Lippmann Heavy-Duty Jaw Crusher Dimensions3650 Jaw Diagram
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