Lippmann’s wheel-mounted portable jaw plants provide a durable, high-production jaw crusher on a stout, easy-to-move truck frame. These plants also feature the rugged Lippmann feeder, capable of handling side or rear loading from various types of equipment.

Lippmann also offers multiple discharge conveyor configurations, including a front discharge configuration, an extended front discharge configuration, and a side discharge configuration. Combining standard configurations for various applications with a willingness to develop custom solutions for every plant gives each customer the kind of flexibility that translates into success in the field.

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Cudahy, WI 53110-0586
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“With our Lippmann equipment at this facility, it speeds up the process and in return increases our tons per hour on a daily basis,” says Jordan Stol, Operations Support for Great Lakes Aggregates.


3048e portable jaw plant

3048j-w Portable Jaw Plant

3055 1

3055j-w Portable Jaw Plant

3062e portable jaw plant

3062j-w Portable Jaw Plant

3447j w

3447j-we Portable Jaw Plant

3650e portable jaw plant

3650j-w Portable Jaw Plant


3862j-w Portable Jaw Plant

4248e portable jaw plant

4248j-w Portable Jaw Plant