3048j jaw crusher

Lippmann jaw crushers come in all shapes and sizes and vary by application, production, and portability. You’ll often spot one of our versatile jaw crushers working on the most demanding projects.

Our crushers are suitable for many job sites, including construction, recycling, demolition, quarries, mining, and asphalt production. Their lone task is to crush large rocks, minerals, and ores into smaller pieces.

Check out this Lippmann jaw crusher guide to see which fits your needs best.

Jaw naming conversions are based on the gape x width in inches. The width may or may not include the cheek plates.

A Quick Glance: Lippmann Jaw Crushers

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  • 30×48 – Meet Lippmann’s bread and butter jaw. An impeccable all-around jaw crusher with versatility for either limestone or recycling applications.
  • 30×55 – Here we have a lighter-weight jaw like the contractor’s version of a 30×48, and the only jaw crusher we offer without the reinforcing ribs. Due to the outrigger mounting, it’s for portable use only. Good to know: The hydraulic opposing wedge design is for making closed-side setting adjustments.
  • 30×62 – This machine is super versatile because of the hydraulic toggle option. It’s our most popular recycling jaw, but also effective for limestone
  • 34×47 – This wheeled plant has been developed to be a high tonnage crusher with both the ease of maintenance and transportability.
  • 36×50 – A stout classic, ready to roll for almost any application. (Some disassembly is needed for portable use.)
  • 38×62 – This is a 36×50 on steroids! We widened the 36×50 jaw by 10″ and put the flywheels from a 42×48. Let’s go!
  • 42×48 – A tall jaw crusher with an impressive nip angle, remarkable for quarry jobs. Typically, it’s stationary, but it can be portable.
  • 50×62 – The big daddy – our most enormous jaw serving up the most production. It’s the only jaw that isn’t portable, as it usually goes with a structure.

With all the Lippmann jaw crushers, there is up to a 10:1 reduction ratio, so move the decimal over. For instance, a 30×62 jaw can take 30″ material down to 3.0.

Are you an experienced crusher who wants to improve or expand your fleet or grow into a new market? Let’s talk! Lippmann has been putting together legendary crushing systems since 1923, so we know a thing or two about the proper jaw crusher to get your projects done on time and under budget. Contact us, or give us a call at 1-800-648-0486. We’d love to hear from you.